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The Warriors 

Poster by Tomer Hanuka

Screen Print Edition of 180

You can’t not love this movie!


Magical ponies like Twilight Sparkle and crows like Heckle and Jeckle are more capable of following heroes around in most of these adventures than trains.

  1. How can they go around a swamp without destroying anything?
  2. How can they use Pokéballs?
  3. How can they travel around places in heaven without tracks?
  4. How can they fly out of a window?
  5. How can they successfully pop out of a drain?
  6. How can they help out a scullery maid?
  7. How can they be able to go to places in times where train tracks don’t exist yet?
  8. How can they go through a labyrinth without bursting through the hedges?
  9. How can they help out characters a dozen times smaller than they are?

You should ask whoever made these!

Every which way but loose artwork by artist Bob peak by janieellerer on Flickr.

Mainly submitting for the Mom’s face

Taxi Pigeon: You Cooin’ At Me? by ~HCShannon

I just remembered this and how funny it is!

I have this one my wall!