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This is a Pooh’s Adventures-esque fan edit, that ended up on IMDB. 

The creator, his YouTube account is Salatube19.

Don’t let him get away with this and ruin IMDB and the fan film communities.

Happy Bunny Playground (in the style of Darcat) by *HCShannon

Three Caballeros: Fight for Your Right by ~HCShannon

Survival Time with Blood and Vic by ~HCShannon

I just wanted to post this again, because

Time Travel is for dildos!

Explaining the Pad in the ‘97 special:

In 1991, after Pee-Wee Herman got arrested he went to jail and served several years, the cops seized his Playhouse and auctioned off anything they could find that wasn’t alive or could make it’s own judgement (i.e. Chairry, Conky, Globey, Jambi, etc.). and apparently Mike learned about it from Cowboy Curtis (who was a friend of a friend of a friend or something) and bought some things to help his friend’s friend’s friend’s friend. While he was doing that, Davy, Peter, and Micky were helping the Brady family save their house!

but I keep thinking about a story idea in which Dethklok go back in time (a la “Life on Mars”, yeah, they could just all be in comas) and meets The Monkees.

Yes, it’s stupid, I know, but think about it!

Somebody wrote these

WARNING: It’s G1, rapid Bronies beware!