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What time is it?

A Taxi fanfic, based on that Adventure Time episode, where they write a fan fiction about themselves expect they are the opposite gender. 

That would be hilarious or stupid. 

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All dressed up an nowhere to go!

The night after tomorrow you will see this in the flesh

All I’m lacking is bunny ears, blonde wig, clown makeup, and a plastic sword.

Nobody will GET this costume, they’ll just think I’m a Playboy Bunny with a sword and a cat! Dressing up like Alex DeLarge last year was a head scratcher for a lot of folks, especially kids but this one takes the “Cake”

F*ckef up Fionna Halloween costume WIP I found a grimy old cat puppet in the attic for extra effect.

by ~HCShannon

“Recreate any Game/Film/Album cover using ONLY Clipart and Comic Sans”

Jake and his Lady by ~HCShannon