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Did you know 1 in 88 kids are born with autism in todays time?

Sad isn’t it.


Autism Speaks, it’s time to listen!

Sorrry, but Autism $peaks doesn’t listen to us…


Today is World Autism Awareness Day, so I’m just taking a moment to acknowledge it! Happy World Autism Awareness Day and try to spread the word!

And now back to our regularly scheduled Teen Mom posts!!!


today’s Autism Awareness Day / Light It Up Blue this April for Autism Awareness month


Wear blue for World autism awareness day


Support Autism Awareness Day tomorrow by wearing blue :)


Light - San Francisco City Hall LIUB (by autismspeaks_official)


30 Rock lit in blue for Autism Awareness Day

(Photo: Anthony Quintano / NBC News)


World Autism Awareness Day

Passing through the Upper East Side? Our Flagship store at 867 Madison is taking part in Light it Up Blue for the fourth year in a row in honor of World Autism Awareness Day