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Remember the time my train friends canceled a production of Cats by appearing onstage?

Sorry, but I just spat out my water laughing. 

Wouldn’t Starlight Express be more appropriate? 


  • "You act just like Sheldon Cooper!" 
  • "Have you seen Rain Man?" 
  • "Have you heard of Temple Grandin?" 
  • "So, do you like trains?" 




There should be an animated movie based on Jodorowsky’s verison of Dune.


There’s this godsdamn kid at my school. He’s nominally in my year, but he never EVER works, all he ever does is play computer games and make “animations”. His parents are unbelievably wealthy and extremely absent, he’s been raised by his grandmother mostly, and she always told him that he was…

or that guy who makes videos with his Sailor Moon dolls all day long!

This is horrible!

So remember, these characters hold a special place in the hearts of children and we need to show them a little respect, right?

They used to terrify me as a child, so did robots!



A few of the many characters voiced by Cree Summer.

I love that any time you hear that awesome, kind of raspy but in a good way, voice, you know it’s gonna be good :)

Always loved Cree Summer. Talented VA who climbed from the bottom to get to where she is now.

Don’t forget Foxxxy on Drawn Together, Penny on Inspector Gadget, Elmyra on Tiny Toons, etc.


The evidence that Obamacare has lost its salience as a political attack has been mounting in recent months, as the 2014 elections kick into gear. The latest clue is a Wednesday report from the New York Times that analyzed official releases from congressional offices. This summer compared to last, the number of releases related to Obamacare fell from 530 to 138.

"The relative dearth of Obamacare-titled statements this August shows that (Republicans) have found other issues to raise with constituents as the midterm elections approach," the Times’s Derek Willis wrote, "like investigations into the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Veterans Affairs."

That conclusion is backed up by other recent indicators. Bloomberg reported last week that anti-Obamacare ads had been disappearing from airwaves in key Senate states. The number of ads in North Carolina, where Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) has been targeted over the law, fell by half from April to July. A similar trend has been tracked in Arkansas and Louisiana, both states with incumbent Democrats on defense over the law. Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor even had the gall to go up with an ad that put a positive spin on Obamacare, though it didn’t mention the law by name. A group supporting Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) has done the same.

The GOP’s anti-Obamacare strategy — which the RNC Chair Reince Priebus declared in March was enough to give them control of Congress — died not from one fatal blow but by dozens of smaller cuts leading up to the midterm elections.


The GOP’s All-Out War On Obamacare Is In A Death Spiral

A reduction of political attacks on the Affordable Care Act would be welcome indeed, but even so, the law still needs to weather a barrage of politically-motivated lawsuits.

(via dendroica)

It has been ever since they started!