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Am I the only one who automatically thinks of Yusuf Islam (formally Cat Stevens) when I hear this song. I don’t know why, but I always think of him when I hear it!

Anyone remember the Amazing River episode of Chalkzone, with the singer who sounded like Gordon Lightfoot




Beatleboos got upset when One Direction did it, guess they don’t remember these..

Always wanted to make this post, feel free to add more if you like

I’ve seen a couple episodes of this show, it bother me that there are only two seasons and like 13 episodes there are so many more episodes they could/should do here are my suggestions:

  • Notorious B.I.G (the last one was about Tupac)
  • Mary Kay Bergman (cartoon voice artist, I don’t know if she’s famous enough though
  • Marc Bolan
  • Lenny Bruce
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Gary Coleman
  • Ennis Cosby
  • Bob Crane
  • John Bonham
  • Bon Scott
  • John Denver
  • Chris Farley
  • John Candy
  • Jeffery Dahmer
  • Douglas Adams
  • James Dean
  • Sonny Bono
  • Dale Earnhardt
  • Redd Foxx
  • Michael Hutchence

  • Brian Jones
  • Sam Kinison
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Bruce and/or Brandon Lee
  • Left-Eye Lopes
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Jack Nance
  • Freddie Prinze, Sr.
  • Rebecca Shauffer
  • Dana Plato
  • Tiny Tim
  • Buddy Holly/Big Bopper/Richie Valens
  • Herve Vilecheze 
  • Andy Warhol
  • Tommy Cooper

There are probalby many more


purple skeleton going the extra mile.

I sense a Deadhead!


Autism Information Highway
#acceptance #education



Republican Charlie Baker Doesn’t Understand Women’s Issues

No republican understands women’s issues (or really much of anything other than their own delusions).

does this include women who are Republican?

Monty Python’s 45th anniversary by HCShannon

Made for the 45th anniversary